Book launch: John Barnes' Tales of the Madman Underground

  • 26 Jul 2009
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)
  • At Under the Umbrella Coffee House, 3505 East 12th Avenue, Denver CO 80206
John Barnes is a SFWA member, but Tales of the Madman Underground (Viking) is his debut YA novel and it is not Science Fiction. The great reviews are piling up and Viking will be moved if this party is a success. So drop in and say hi to John if you can. The ideal readers for this novel are snarky teens, readers who like dark ironic novels and anyone who grew up in the 70s. A chance to promote good books and eat the publisher's money

The rest is from John...

Catered by Under the Umbrella, which means FREE SNACKS.  (That'll bring out the writers ...)

Books will be on sale by Who Else Books, both Tales of the Madman Underground and some older Barnes titles, and people are encouraged to bring any Barnes book they own for signing as well.

To reserve a copy at the launch party

Who Else! Books
Denver Book Mall, 32 N. Broadway
Denver, CO 80203 USA

Phone: 303-733-3808
Fax: 303-778-9403
Home Page:

Warning: Profanity employed by the novel's narrator which will be part of the reading may offend parents of younger children.

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