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Subscriptions to the SFWA Bulletin

Vol. 52, Issue 2 Issue No. 212

  • From the Editor by Neil Clarke
  • Sweepin’ the Clouds Away—Toastmaster, Martin P. Robinson’s Appearance at the 2018 Nebula Conference by Kate Baker
  • Beginning with Conventions by Brenda W. Clough
  • Hopepunk: Narratives for Hopeless Times by Lettie Prell
  • Using Redundancy in Worldbuilding: Magic Versus Technology? by Bogi Takács
  • The Joys—and Challenges—of Collaboration by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
  • Manuscript Critiques For Fun and Profit by Lucy A. Snyder
  • The Science of Search and Rescue by Ken Chiacchia
  • The Alpha Workshop by Katie Krantz

e-Edition - $4.50 (email delivery)

Vol. 52, Issue 1 Issue No. 210/211

  • From the President by Cat Rambo
  • Floating Strawberry Waffles: Astronaut Dr. Kjell Lindgren Visits the Nebula Conference  by Kate Baker
  • My First Nebulas: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Con by J. R. Dawson
  • When Does a Story Infringe? (Part Two) by Stanley Schmidt
  • On Selling Books at a Con: Strength in Numbers by  L. J. Cohen
  • Author Website Essentials by  Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
  • Ask E&N by Erin Underwood & Nancy Holder
  • Lateral Thinking for Writers by Aidan Doyle
  • A Crash Course in Burns by Erin Cashier
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Content Mills by John Walters
  • Building Your Promotional Bridge by Sarah Craft
  • I’m Afraid You’ve Got Pirates: Dealing With (Potential) Internet Copyright Infringements by C. E. Petit
  • Bragging Rights: A Comprehensive Look at SFWA Services by Kate Baker

e-Edition - $4.50 (email delivery)

Vol. 51, Issue 1 Issue No. 209


  • Editor’s Note -Neil Clarke
  • From the President - Cat Rambo
  • U.S. Retirement Plans for Self-Employed Writers - Joelle Presby
  • Self-Publishing Your Backlist for Profit and…Well, Profit - Jeffe Kennedy
  • So You Want To Be a Speaker - Kenneth Schneyer
  • Ask N&E - Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood
  • The College 7 Go to the Nebulas - Tina L. Jens
  • Writing the Fight Right - Alan Baxter
  • How a Kitchen Timer Tripled My Wordcount - Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
  • When Does a Story Infringe? (Part 1 of 2) - Stanley Schmidt

e-Edition - $4.50 (email delivery) 

Vol. 50, Issue 2 Issue No. 208

Editor’s Note - Neil Clarke

From the President - Cat Rambo
Ask N&E - Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood
Damon Knight Grand Master: C.J. Cherryh - Betsy Wollheim
Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award Winner: Terry Pratchett - Andy Duncan
2015 Nebula Awards Nominees
Nominees: Who’s Coming?
Nebula Award Nominees: Best Novel
Nebula Award Nominees: Best Novella
Nebula Award Nominees: Best Novelette
Nebula Award Nominees: Best Short Story
Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation
Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy
A Look Behind the Curtain: The SFWA Nebula Conference - Kate Baker
Writing Professionals: Public Health Economist - Rachael Acks
Beta-testing the Future: Distraction Management for the Science Fiction Writer - Jay O’Connell
How to Win a Nebula Award: A Twelve-step Program - Terra LeMay

e-Edition - $4.50 (email delivery) 

Vol. 50, Issue 1 Issue No. 207 Spring 2016

Editor’s Note – Neil Clarke
From the President – Cat Rambo
Zen in the Art of Short Fiction Titling – John Joseph Adams
Ask N&E: Finding an Assistant – Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood
Writing and the Day Job – Patrice Sarath
Bad Reviews vs. Biased Reviews – Sam J. Miller
Running a Writing Workshop, Part III – Cat Rambo
Diving into SCUBA: Storytelling Basics – Rachel Swirsky
Academic Research for SFF Writers – Alex Dally MacFarlane
Writing Professionals: Geologists – Rachael Acks
Romance Tropes for SFF Writers – Jeffe Kennedy
Market Report: Year’s Best Anthologies – Cynthia Ward

e-Edition - $4.50 (email delivery)

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Print subscriptions: Choose one of the print subscription levels below based on your location around the globe. We offer one year (4 issues) and two year (8 issue) subscriptions. You may pay by credit card (PayPal is still available if you would like to use it. If so, drop us an email and we'll set you up, but ultimately PayPal charges SFWA more to use their service.) and automatic renewals will be sent out based on your subscription time frame. 

Questions about submissions or other Bulletin content should be sent to bulletin@sfwa.org

Single Issue/Current Issue Interest: 
If you are interested in obtaining the current/past single Bulletin issue, please email operations@sfwa(dot)org. Include the Bulletin issue #, number of copies, mailing address and we will let you know availability of physical copies. Payment arrangements can be made at that time. 
Prices for single print issues are as follows -   
US - $10.00 *plus $3.00 S/H
Canada/Mexico - $10.00 *plus $6.00 S/H
Outside North America - $10.00 *plus $6.00 S/H 

#203 - $4.50 E-Only

SFWA Special Issue which includes all the following content: 

  • SFWA at Its Core – Susan Forest
  • Science Fiction on the Front Line – Richard Dansky
  • Social Media & the Solitary Writer – Cat Rambo
  • The SFWA Forum – Susan Forest
  • Volunteering – Dave Klecha
  • Writer Beware – Victoria Strauss
  • Estates Project – Brenda W. Clough & Bud Webster
  • SFWA Operations Manager – Kate Baker
  • Everything Old Is New Again – MCA Hogarth
  • From the Ombudsman – Cynthia Felice
  • Website Redesign & Featured Book – Jeremiah Tolbert
  • Anti-Harassment & Diversity – Jaym Gates
  • Moving to California: The SFWA Bylaws Overhaul &
  • Reincorporation Process – Russell Davis
  • Of Myth & Memory – Sheila Finch
  • SFWA’s MG/YA Group – Jenn Reese
  • 50,000 Words Under the Sea – Ari Asercion
  • Copyright Battles & SFWA – Michael Capobianco
  • SFWA Standards for Pay – Jim Fiscus
  • Picking the Right Convention For You –Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood
  • Better Teachers, Better Writers – James Patrick Kelly
  • SFWA Annual Events – Steven H Silver
  • The SFWA NY Reception – Steven H Silver
  • SFWA Reading Series – Merrie Haskell
  • About the Nebulas
  • Interview: E.C. Myers – Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • Norton Award – Merrie Haskell
    • President/Vice President/Secretary
    • From the Treasurer
    • The Board Members Called “Directors”
  • Apres SFWA, The Deluge – Lynne M Thomas
  • Keep New Friends: Interview Rakunas & Gunn – Rachel Swirsky
  • SFWA Discussion Boards – Cat Rambo
  • Communications – Jaym Gates
  • About the Cover Artist

#204 - $4.50 E-Only

Includes: 2014 Nebula Awards Issue

  • Editorial – John Klima
  • Letters To the Editor
  • Ask N&E: Answers You Want To Know –Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood
  • Sci Fi and Science – Ronke Mojoyinola Olabisi
  • Interview With John Klima, New SFWA Bulletin Editor – Michael Capobianco
  • A Short History of the Nebula Awards Weekend – Steven H Silver
  • Science Fiction Awards: A Miscellany – Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • An Interview with Ken Liu – Terry Bisson
  • An Interview with Samuel R. Delany – Terry Bisson
  • Delany & Grand Masters – John Clute
  • Profile: Ellen Klages – Cat Rambo
  • Profile: Frank Robinson – Robin Wayne Bailey
  • Service To SFWA: Michael Armstrong – Bud Webster
  • 2013 Nebula Nominees
    • Nominees: Best Novel – Cat Rambo
    • Things I Think About the Bradbury Award – John Scalzi
    • Nominees: The Andre Norton Award – Cat Rambo
    • Nominees: Best Novella – Rachael Acks
    • Nominees: Best Novelette – Jeffe Kennedy
    • Nominees: Best Short Story – Jaym Gates

#205 -  $4.50 E-Only

  • Editorial - John Klima
  • Letters To the Editor
  • Ask N&E: What Are Reading Guides and How Do I Create One? - Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood
  • Alternate Dialogue 4: Plus Ça Change, Plus Ça Vraimant Change - Bud Webster & Jerry Pournelle
  • Ten Reasons To Write Short Stories Even Though the Pay Is Peanuts - Daniel H. Wilson & John Joseph Adams
  • New Developments In Interactive Fiction - Alan DeNiro
  • Selling Short Fiction Translations to English Markets - Ken Liu
  • Running a Writing Workshop, Part I - Cat Rambo
  • The Eleven Stages of Publication - Bud Sparhawk
  • Market Report - Cynthia Ward

#206 - $4.50 E-only

Includes:  Current Issue. Contents above.

Available via: iBooks | Amazon | Nook

Editorial - John Klima
Ask N&E: Answers You Want To Know -Nancy Holder & Erin Underwood
Conquering Your Inbox: Strategies for Winning the E-mail War (Gmail Edition) - John Joseph Adams
Respectful Journalist: Rule of 3 - John Stuart
Building for Discovery - Blair MacGregor
Running a Writing Workshop, Part II - Cat Rambo 
Premature Submission Syndrome (PSS) - Bud Sparhawk
Market Report - Cynthia Ward

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